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scotland research

Summary research on youth work and global issues in Scotland

November 10, 2013 by News, Research No Comments

scotland researchThe research was done through an online survey and discussion groups. Providing a total number of 45 responses with total number of 28 different youth bodies responding.

The online survey took place from mid May 2013 to early July 2013. A total of 36 people responded, though there are only an average of just over 20 responses per question, indicating a high percentage of skipping questions, particularly on the written answer sections.

Most responses shown are marked as local authority, but in fact the majority (8) of the respondents who are marked as having “skipped” the question answered an “other” option and 6 of those described themselves as some form of charity, voluntary or not for profit organisation, making this answer the second most frequent. In addition to this, 5 respondents marked “other” as a secondary response, describing their organisations similarly to the above, which would in fact make charities, voluntary or not-for-profit the most frequent response.

Thus it can be said that various different forms of organisations are well represented in the survey, giving a useful, broader view on the issues concerned; however it should also be recognised that foundations, community centres and representative bodies – all important parts of youth civic society – have responded in considerably less significant numbers, calling into question the generalizability of those particular results.

Read the full summary report here