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Open call for Bulgarian participants – Summer School in Cyprus

March 5, 2014 by News, Trainings No Comments

79C.E.G.A. Foundation and the Youth of the World! Project are inviting applicants for a Summer School in Cyprus.

The Youth of the World Summer School is an international training event to take place from 24.04.2014 to 29.04.2014 (including traveling days) in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The Summer School is intended for youth trainers and facilitators from Bulgaria, and seeks to build global education competencies and prepare them for following activities within the long-term Youth of the World project. The participants do not need to contribute financially to their participation in the school, but need to show commitment for long-term involvement in the project.

 Objectives and competencies

The main objective of the Summer School is to build knowledge, skills and values among the participants in relation to planning, implementing and evaluating training seminars on global issues with young people, as well as empowering youth leaders and youth workers for planning and delivering local global learning activities. The Summer School will expose the participants to Global Learning and will at the same time explore its concept.

The Summer School will thus seek to develop the following competencies:

Knowledge and understanding:

  • Knowledge and critical understanding of globalization and its consequences;
  • Awareness of global of interdependences, which exists across the world;
  •  Understanding of the concept of Global Learning and the appropriate methodology;
  •  Understanding the role of youth organisations and youth workers in Global Learning process;
  •  Knowledge and understanding of social justice and equity


  • Changing perspectives and multi-perspective approach;
  • Dealing with complexity and uncertainty;
  • Ability to link global learning to everyday activities of youth organisations and youth workers and enable the participants to incorporate global learning into these activities;
  •  Skills for planning, running and evaluating Global Learning processes with youth leaders and youth workers;
  • Team work and cooperation.

Values and attitudes:

  • Open-mindedness;
  • Empathy and solidarity with young people from other parts of the world;
  • Sense of responsibility in regards to promoting global learning;
  • Commitment to run Global Learning processes with young people;
  • Commitment to social justice and equity


The training course is intended for 30 people, coming from 6 different countries. Each national group will be composed by 4 youth trainers and facilitators (“youth” in this case means that they work with young people and not that they need to be young people themselves, as age is not criteria).

The criteria for the participants include:

  • Experience in non-formal education;
  • Experience with facilitating learning processes with young people;
  • Good command in English;
  • Commitment to stay involved in the project on the long run.


The Summer Schools is not a one-off event. It will serve a starting point for a long-term process for the participants supported by the partners in each country. In 2014 and 2015 they will have the chance to:

·         Become the core group of national pools of trainers on global learning;

 ·        Participate in teams to plan and deliver in-country trainings for representatives of youth organizations on Global Learning;

·         Work with the teams of youth organizations/structures to train them on global issues, among others.

To Apply:

Send your CV in either language (English or Bulgarian) at cega@cega.bg
Fill in the Application Form in English

Deadline for submission: 17th March
Notification letters: 19th March