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The Idea

global-mosaicThe globalization and its effects are developing much faster than the awareness about them. Sensitizing European citizens on their role in the new interdependent and interconnected world takes much too long. The process must be speeded up and all channels must be used to reach the citizens on local level, build critical understanding and mobilize support. While introducing development education in the formal educational system is often slow (the system itself is somewhat conservative), the non-formal educational system is much more flexible and open. This applies even more for the youth non-formal sphere. Youth trainers and youth organizations/structures are fast and reliable channels to young people and especially those on the local level which remain isolated from many processes. The project seeks to activate these channels and reach for these young people as their role in “tomorrow’s world” is undoubtedly crucial.

The overall objective of the project Youth of the World is to raise awareness among young citizens on development issues and build critical understanding of the globalized interdependent world we live in through:

1) developing educational materials and methodologies tailor-made for young people on global issues;

2) building a critical mass of experts in the respective countries, adequately prepared to train young people on global issues;

3) providing easily-accessible training opportunities for youth organizations and young people on global issues.

 To mainstream awareness about global issues within the activities of youth organizations, working in different spheres of youth work.