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Toolkit on Global Education in Youth Work

The present toolkit aims to address global development issues in non-formal education and youth work through learner-centred, participatory, dialogue-oriented and experiential methodologies. The toolkit is specifically developed for non-formal youth settings. It can be used by youth workers, youth leaders, trainers or facilitators to raise awareness of global issues among young people, connecting them to communities across the world. The toolkit is divided into six main chapters, representing different commodities related to the everyday lives of young people: Water, Tobacco, Chocolate, Textiles, Mobile Phones and Meat. The products are used as a starting point for exploring global realities and global interdependence. Here you can download the whole publication or you can download it by chapters


Preface, Description of the Publication


Activities related to Water

tabacco (2)

Activities related to Tobacco


Activities related to Chocolate


Activities related to Textiles


Activities related to Mobile Phones


Activities related to Meat


Activities for taking action